Transport companies go green.

OK, so I have had my summer catch up of Transport & Logistics News.

Here is an international article from DHL and a local one about NZL.

Carbon Neutral Warehouse Pointer To The Future
DHL has completed its first carbon neutral warehouse which is likely to become a pointer the future of warehouse design world-wide. The transformation of its Yorkshire warehouse to carbon neutral status has been achieved by installing a ground source heat pump for heating and cooling, and motion sensors to electric lighting systems. The warehouse also switched to a green energy tariff, which provides energy from carbon-reduced sources.

Tauranga. Transport company NZL Group is hoping to cut it’s annual fuel bill by 8% by improving driver bahaviour in terms of fuel efficiency. Monitoring fuel efficiency is part of a move by the company as part of the business’s plan to look at a triple bottom line approach to operations including environmental impact. Company owner, Mark Fielder, spent four months setting up a fuel efficiency programme at their Mt Maunganui site keeping close watch on the fuel consumed by each of its fleet of 170 trucks. Fielder has been informing his staff on the effect conduct such as avoiding idling, cutting speed and improving driving techniques can have on cutting fuel consumption and emissions.