Like a wild donkey at mating time.

I was reading about Jeremaih this morning and came across this phrase that Israel was like a wild donkey at mating time.

I briefly thought about it, having no knowledge about donkey mating, and decided that it must mean the donkey bangs one donkey, then goes in search of another.

This would tie up with the general context of the chapter were God says "I remember how eager you were to please me as a young bride long ago, how you loved me and followed me."

Its a grass is greener thing and I thought about this in a few contexts.

Firstly, heaps of people are like wild donkeys in their jobs. They go hard to get a job, promise to conquer huge mountians, but quickly start looking for other donkeys.

Secondly, is marriage and relationships. The donkey element is clearly evident here.

Finally, in pursuit of God. It is easier to chase after other donkeys and forget that they are the very things you orginally turned to God from.

I thought about how much I am like a wild donkey at times. I forget why I chose my current job, why I chose and pursued my wife, and why I sought out God.

I forget easily and pursue donkeys.

Do you?