Power companies are greedy!

There was some coverage earlier in the week about potential power shortages later this year. This from stuff:

LakestorageNational energy spokesman Gerry Brownlee said "things are very, very tight". "If we don't get rain in significant volume by the end of the month, going into the first week of May, we could be in considerable trouble." and "It was too early to think about a public savings campaign."

Firstly the RED line doesn't look that good. If that was sales in a business, it would be bad, wouldn't it?

Secondly, of course its too early to get the public to make savings. That would drive demand down, which would drive the price down.

It makes far better business sense to wait until there is a full on shortage, when spot prices are really high, then loss in revenue from savings, is more than offset by the increase in prices. Yeah its a hassle for their customers, but profits are stunning!

Conclusion: NZ still has some huge infrastructure issues! – Thanks Aunty Helen & Uncle Mike. Thankfully one of my family gets more out of the power companies than we pay.

One thought on “Power companies are greedy!

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