Book Review: Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership: Rediscovering Jesus' Radical Leadership Style

It was one of those books in which the title challenged my thinking more than the book itself. It was an OK read but the authors really tried to say there was more to servant leadership, that leaders needed to be compassionate. The problem is, they then use the term "Servant Leader" more often than compassionate leader, and their entire summary was what "Servant Leaders do…"

Overall it was a good summary of Servant Leadership, though not a griping read.

Uppermost in the mind of a compassionate leader is the constant quest to know and understand the will of God, and to seek His wisdom and guidance. …

Effective leaders must be willing ti be in the state of constant learning. There is no relaxing or even plateauing.

Servant leaders are characterized by a thorough and ever expanding knowledge of God's Word. They use their biblical wisdom, and understand clearly the grace of God.

Pg 116

The challenge, if not just from the title, be a compassionate leader!

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