Change to Strange – Daniel Cable

Change to Strange: Create a Great Organization by Building a Strange Workforce

I listened to, then brought this book late last year. The basic aspect of the book is this: An organisation will not be great (as opposed to good or average) unless there is something different about it. Something out of the ordinary. It follows then that organisations are not going to be out of the ordinary, or extraordinary, or great, if its workforce is essentially the same as its competitors.

It talks a lot about creating Workforce Deliverables and Metrics. Some questions it poses to help with this are:

To make performance drivers move, how must our workforce be distinct from our competitors?

What characteristics describe our ideal workforce that our competitors would not or could not use to describe their workforce?

Where are the gears currently slipping?

What characteristics of our existing workforce must change in order for us to execute our strategy?

How can we measure key workforce deliverables rather than just talking about time?

How do we go from strange workforce concepts to strange workforce metrics?

A final quote to conclude.

Make it a practice to actually imagine your competition stealing your customers and bleeding your business dry until you are force to stop operating.

ISBN 978-0-13-157222-5 : Hardback : 174 pgs

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