Project Management – Gary R. Heerkens

Project Management: 24 Steps to Help You Master Any Project

This is a very easy book to read that gives you 24 concise lessons for becoming a successful Project Manager. It assumes the reader has some knowledge of project management and is relatively simplistic in its approach.

Nevertheless it is a worthwhile remind of the sort of things you should watch out for as a project manager, and applies equally to a business owner or other stakeholders.

A couple of good steps are “Transfer your lessons learnt” – If you do not structure your information so that others can actually apply the lessons you’ve learned, your organisation hasn’t really benefited.

And “Consider post project issues” – What happens after the project is often more important than the project.

Overall a simple book that I will use with those who fringe project management within agóge.

ISBN 978-0-07-148652-1 : Hardback : 99 pages

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