Transport & Logistics Bodies

One of the most noticeable elements of the Australian T&L seen is the fact that so many of the industry bodies are actually working together.

The have a body called the Australia Logistics Council which is a government and industry partnership to raise the profile of the T&L industry. They deal with all modes of transport and logistics except self loading transport (an Aussie term for passenger transport).

This body along with its many partner bodies has developed the T&L brand. They realised that everyone calls Transport, Road Transport, Aviation, Logistics, Supply Chain by different names. This dilutes the industry and most people think it is just smelly old truck drivers.

T&L is a brand aimed at encouraging younger people into the industry. T&L incorporates Rail, Warehousing, Road Transport, Stevedoring, Transport Administration and Logistics, Aviation and Maritime.

The also have a strong push to get more women involved in the industry.

The lesson for NZ is simple: We (Road Transport, Warehousing, Maritime) are competing against each other for the same pool of people rather than working together to make the industry more appealing to young people.

There is career path in T&L.

In fact I think we should use T&L to describe the industry in NZ. I’m sure the Aussies wont mind, they steel most of our stuff.