Supply Chains are critical!

An interesting article about the importance of the supply chain from the NZ Herald this morning.

Here are a couple of excerpts

  • Companies no longer compete for market share by differentiating their products. Technology is now so advanced that almost anything can be copied. Communication is instantaneous. The result is products don't compete. Supply chains do.
  • "Few people realise that 10 per cent to 40 per cent of the cost of most goods is supply chain cost.
  • "For example, 45 per cent of the cost of a leg of New Zealand lamb sold in the UK is supply chain cost."

Its great to see Geoff Vazey trying to get some positive spin around the supply chain. 

It also has a bit to say about Trevor Mallard's ‘dream’ of building a stadium on the Waterford. That would have been a disaster for New Zealands supply chain.

Ports of Auckland move 685,000 containers each year with 45% being export and 55% import.

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