MHL Expo in Auckland

Dscf0153_small1 Last week agoge had a stand at the Materials Handling and Logistics Expo, which coincided with the ISN Safety Show. According to over 2700 people attended, which I suspect that number is optimistic.

Forkliftaction is quoted as saying “Not everyone felt the addition of the Safety Show alongside MHL was beneficial. Louise O’ Neill of RT Equipment, distributors of materials handling equipment and forklift attachments, says the safety show detracted from the materials handling and diluted the quality of visitors.

She tells News that future participation by RT Equipment would depend on whether the MHL show was big enough to stand alone next time.

She believes that while her company did not get any sales leads at the show, it was a good way to get in touch with their existing dealers and create more awareness of the company.”

Imagine going to an expo for 2 days and not getting sales leads!

All up it was very successful for agoge. It cost us roughly 5 times the cost of a magazine ad which might generate 1-2 leads.  We got a round 170 leads, with probably 20 – 30 very qualified leads. The leads didn't just come to us, we had to go after them and ask for details. A lot of stands just stood around hoping someone would ask them what they do.

There are a couple of things that the expo made me very aware of, firstly the lack of younger people in our industry and secondly the difficulty small/medium logistics companies have in introducing simple cost effective technology. I will write separately on both of these next week.

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