Targeting the unemployed in their 20’s.

Remember back to when you were in your early 20’s. Life was probably a little bit simpler and you may not have nailed down exactly what you were really going to do with your life.

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Well 1 in 12, a full 19,300 people, aged 20 to 24 are currently un-employed. If you expand that to 29 year olds there are 29,000 people looking for work.

That excludes the ones that are studying or training.  It is the highest unemployment bracket by far (8.6%) and one would assume that these people have already given up on, or finished going to Uni or Polytech and are now in the work force.

I know that many of you would have had experience with this group being unreliable, particularly those who are unemployed. But surely if the transport and logistics industry is going to find people to full vacancies we should be targeting this group.

I know that the transport and logistics industry is not that sexy or appealing to them. So maybe it’s time to really work on creative employment packages for these people. In a previous post on Gen Y, I said that “Our industry will need to be a lot more creative about attracting Gen Y’s. They are not generally going to want to drive a truck for 60 hours a week. They will find pick/pack work dead boring.”

Maybe they would work 10 hour shifts, 4 days a week. Maybe they would want every fourth week off and make it part of their salary. Maybe they want more variety and flexibility.

There are 29,000 people unemployed between 20 and 29. That's 45% of all unemployed people are in their 20's.

What are we going to do to attract them to our industry?

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