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Free Prize Inside follows on the back of  'Purple Cow' and 'Unleashing the Ideavirus'. Seth Godin again does a great job of provoking a review of how we conduct our marketing and challenges us to create remarkable businesses. He introduces two new terms 'a Free Prize' and 'Egdecraft'Freeprize

A free prize is an idea, an innovation or an add-on to your existing service that makes your product more remarkable. It is ideas that are so simple that they make people talk about your service, and this leads to an ideavirus.

Edgecraft is the craft of finding ideas that are innovative enough to take you to the edge and beyond. It acknowledges that to be noticed you need to be different, and to be different you need to be edgy in your industry.

Here are some quotes:

'If people aren't blown away, they won't talk about it. If they don' talk about it, it doesn't spread fast enough to help you grow.'

'Edgecraft is an iterative process that is much easier for an organization to embrace than brainstorming.

There are hundreds of available edges, things you can add to, subtract from or do to your product or service. Find an edge and go all the way to it. Going partway is time-consuming and expensive-and it doesn't work very well. Going all the way to the edge is the only way to jolt the user into noticing what you've done. If they notice you, they're one step closer to talking about you.

It's all marketing now. The organizations that win will be the ones that realize that all they do is create things worth talking about.'

Book Summary

Free Prize Inside
Seth Godin

Genres          Marketing, Management, Ideas
Pages            235
Readability    3 (1 = Easy, 5 = Hard)
Enjoyment    4 (1 = Never Read, 5 = Remarkable)

You can download "Unleashing the ideavirus' for free here. Or you can check out Free Prize Inside here. Oh and there is a Free Prize in Seth's Book as well. If you enjoy ideas and stretching your thinking, READ IT.