Where is my freedom of choice?

I passionately hate how two faced our country is becoming. The government claims to want to give people freedom, but only when it suits their self centred agendas.

People can now have a legal choice to buy sex for money or 18 year olds can buy alcohol or people enter into same sex marriages, but I cant choose to smack my kids. Please understand, I am not stating a view on the other things BUT my point is why, if people can have these choices, can't I have a legal choice to smack my kids?

The anti smacking bill was deferred on Wednesday night due to heavy debate. It will now not be back before parliament until after Easter (school holidays for our MP's is a good thing this time)

Here is the thing that annoys me the most about the bill. When it started off its purpose was to remove Section 59 of the crimes act. At the time Sue Bradford said we aren't trying to outlaw smacking, we are trying to stop people using it as an excuse to beat their kids. (There have been 2 examples of parents found not guilty as a result of using Section 59 as a defence)

Beating their kids it turns out in Sue's vocabulary means smacking. She now seems to use the words 'smack' and 'beating' interchangeably.

I wrote a submission for the original bill (which is a lot different to the current one). Here are a couple of key points

This bill will not in any way reduce child abuse. The people that abuse their children are often living on the other side of the law anyway, and will not, and do not give a damn about the bill. They will still abuse their children. …

I long to be a great father to my children, and have a deep desire to see them grow up as law abiding citizens. I smack my children infrequently. They are generally sent to their room first, I then discuss the bad behaviour with them, and if it is significant and warranted they will get a smack on the hand or bottom with my hand. It is not damaging in any way, rather they learn quickly what is, and isn't acceptable behaviour in our society. I believe that this law will make that action illegal, will therefore make me a criminal, when all I have is the best interests of my children and our future society at heart.

I hate child abuse. This bill will not fix that! We must instead retrain our parents, in many cases first teaching them right from wrong and dealing to the social problems we have. Then, and only then, will child abuse reduce.

Please do not make ordinary parents like myself who long to raise great kids the criminals. I beg you.