Dragon for sale!

Don writes about the lessons he has as he grew up without a father and does so in his normal matter of fact and humorous style. At times I felt that some of his observations and negatives that he put down to being fatherless, actually apply to most men and are not necessarily the result of not growing up with a father.

Nevertheless a good, easy and enjoyable read. A couple of chapters I found particularly good and the quote below is from the latter.Book_toownadragon

Chapter 8: Making Decisions – How to Stay Out of Prison
Chapter 13: Education – Jordan and Mindy's Dog

I don't think I am stupid anymore. These days, I just think of the mind as a muscle, and by working it, we get more enjoyment out of life. I had a teacher in high school named Mr. Sleepak. He was our music instructor, and he used to tell us if we were coasting , we were moving downhill. He said this to get us to practice our instruments, but I think it's true in all of life. What I mean is, if we aren't learning, we are forgetting, if we aren't getting smart, we are becoming dull.

The latest statistic is that the average American watches 1,456 hours of television a year [4 hrs a day] but only reads three books. So if it's true that readers are leaders, and the more you read the further you advance, then there isn't a lot of competition.

Book Summary

To Own a Dragon – Reflections on growing up without a father
Donald Miller (with John MacMurray)

Genres        Fathers, Spirituality, Humour
Pages         192
Readability  2 (1 = Easy, 5 = Hard)
Enjoyment    4 (1 = Never Read, 5 = Remarkable)