I ended the year a loser!

For those of you who know me even a little bit, you will know that I am not at all competitive. Well maybe just a little bit, ok I'm very competitive!

On New Years Eve we decided to head to the Natzkes for a BBQ and see the new year in with them and some of their friends. As the night progressed we started playing Sing Star which is always a heap of fun. Somehow (because most people were stone deaf at the beginning) I managed to have a final duel with Kris McDonald and I lost badly.

After humming my way through a song I bearly knew and being shown up as a sing star fraud (similar to Milli Vanilla in 1990) I decided to turn my hands to 500. I thought I must be able to win cards and while I won the occasional hand we lost both games. Great! what a interesting tribute to 2006.

In 500 the other night I only got the joker once, and the left or right jacks a couple of times. A night of being dealt bad hands.

Now here is the interesting thing. I play 500 like I do life (although I generally win more than I lose).

  • I love to make call (even if I have nothing to play) because I like a challenge.
  • If I have a really bad hand, I just want to bail.
  • I can make generally turn some pretty bad hands into winners.
  • I am continually reading people.

I talked to Rob about playing him at golf. May be then I could start this year a winner. 🙂