Being ‘Green’ can pay dividends

Walmart_1 The size and scale of Wal-Mart continues to blow my mind. Check out this news snippet as they seek to cut packaging costs.

Wal-Mart plans to cut packaging 5%. The initiative is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 667,000 tonnes, equal to taking 213,000 trucks off the road annually and save 67m US gallons of diesel. The 5% packaging cuts will also generate US$ 3.4 billion in savings for Wal-Mart.

Think about it, they will take a fleet of trucks larger than size of NZ's entire transport industry off the road. Given however that a huge proportion of these trucks will be in places like China. I am sure they will be deployed somewhere else.

Being green can save significant dollars, particularly if you are the size of Wal-Mart!