Just put $10 gas in thanks…

Last week I filled my personal tanks a little and kind of like just putting $10 gas in your car you know it is not fill completely but it is enough to keep you on the road.

You see I spent the majority of my week on a 'focus week'. I used the time to think about strategy, read, go flying and clear (rearrange) my head. I finished the week with the Leadership Summit and now I feel like I need another week to process what I heard.

Patrick LencioniSilos, Politics and Turf Wars

We need to create Thematic Goals. Goals that are
  – Sinlge
  – Qualitative
  – Temporary
  – Shared across the organization

A thematic goal is different to the long term vision. It is 3 to 12 months and covers the whole organization. The key question is "What is the most important thing for us to accomplish in the next ___ months?"

Wayne CordeiroDead Leader Running

Know what fills and drains your tanks
The principal of fulcrum

I need to be clear about what builds me up and what drains me. Often when life gets really busy, I am drained because I am not doing the things that fill me up.

I also loved the illustration of fulcrum. I am sure I will use this with my team at some point.

Bill HybelsThe power of clarity

If the trumpet doesn't sound a clear sound, who will get ready for battle?

A life spent in any endeavor other than a life spent on the transformation of humans hearts is not a life worth living.

Keep the message clear. I am passionate about seeing changed lives and hearts. A timely reminder.