What the FOGGLES?!

Foggles1Imagine driving in your car, and being given a pear of foggles (sight limiting glasses that simulate fog or cloud). All you can see now is the instruments on your dashboard, but that’s OK because the person in the passenger seat is going to tell you what to do!

Well today I did my first real session of Instrument Flight for my Private Pilots Licence. It is isn’t quite as bad as doing it in a car because you have more instruments and the instructor has a complete set of controls but it was reasonably challenging none the less.Panel

All flight training to this point has told me to look outside the cockpit where as instrument flight is the exact opposite. You take-off, don the foggles at about 600ft, fly around blindly (well just using the instruments shown) for an hour, then come back into the circuit, and take the foggles off just in time to land. I know went out to the western training area (because I requested it from ATC), but really I had no idea where I was.

It is harder than it sounds as your body can make you feel like you are level when in fact you are turning. For the most part I did ok. How do I know, well I didn’t get asked too many questions like; What altitude are we aiming for (meaning you at the wrong altitude) or how do you think that turn went (meaning you stuffed that turn completely!)Eoq

Flying Hours:       1.0
Instrument Time:  0.7
Aircraft:              Cessna 152
Registration:        ZK-EOQ (Echo Oscar Quebec)